Monday, November 12, 2012

My First Bowling Journal Entry

Today is practice day of arguably the most important tournament of my career. I got here early today because we are on an Air Force Base so you have to go through some security checks. You never know how long things like this can take so I try and give myself some extra time. We’re bowling on PBA Regional Pattern #1 this weekend. The pattern is 40’ and we are bowling on AMF HPL 9000s, which could equal high scores. So far this summer every time we’ve used this pattern the scores have been on the medium to high side so I expect the same. What I don’t know is how the pattern will play. On Brunswick Pro-Anvilane the pattern usually plays in, but on HPL’s it plays out. Go figure! I’ve been battling some leg injuries and a cold/flu so I didn’t plan on practicing the full 2 hours. I noticed right away that there was plenty of friction on the gutter and I jumped out there right away. I used several different balls looking at different angles trying to find what will strike the most. After about an hour I packed my stuff up and spent some time working with my buddy who was having some swing issues so I did my best to straighten him out. After practice was over it was time to grab some dinner before the pro-am. Several of us went to the Olive Garden to run them out of soup and salad. The pro-am was a blast tonight. It was all youth bowlers and they seemed to have a great time. I was lucky enough to do a couple of trick shots and pick up splits with 2 balls. That always gets the crowd going. Now it's time for bed - Big day tomorrow!

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